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Yarden Hirsh / Artwork

Yarden Hirsh / Artwork

Artist's book

Artwork: Yarden Hirsh

Curator: Gil Yefman

Photography: Myriam Haccoun, Avi Levin

Texts: Zeev Engelmayer, Dr. Omri Herzog, Gil Yefman

Hebrew Editor: Orly Mazor-Yuval

Translation to English: Dr. Elizabeth Zauderer

Design: Keren & Golan - Graphic Design Studio

Printing: A.R. Printing Ltd.

Publisher: Hadar & Michael Hirsh

ISBN 978-965-572-424-0

Printed in Israel 2018

Yarden Hirsh
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book

...In the studio, and in the works, there is no clean, empty, white museum-like
space: the cluttered storeroom of matter that infiltrated the unconscious from pop culture does not enable a gap. In this sense too, Hirsh is outside
institutionalized art whose ethics entail cleanliness, refinement and purification. His works are filled with surplus; they do not allow for the repression of pain and its delimitation within drafted lines or marked boundaries.

Dr. Omri Herzog / Literary & Cultural Critic, Head of Department of Cultural Studies at Sapir Academic College
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book
Yarden Hirsh, Artist book

I was fortunate to have been introduced to Yarden Hirsh’s inexhaustible
body of work when he was only twelve years old. Even then he was feverishly
invested in creating a spectacularly beautiful and complex oeuvre in diverse
mediums and practices, one whose contemplative depths and rare sensitivity
were extraordinary. Employing drawing, collage, sculpture, cartoon and
animation, video and installation, Yarden demonstrated a virtuosic talent
for expressing with striking clarity that which is most difficult to express. His
unique art corresponds with traditions and transpires and defies genres and
constraints of age, time and place while remaining honest and true to itself...

Gil Yefman / Multidisciplinary Artist, Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

...This volume of Yarden’s artwork is unique and inspirational, funny and
beautiful; it provides an opportunity to sample the work of an excellent and
total artist. It is an invitation to a dizzying ride on a roller coaster travelling
at high speed between multicolored rocks and mountains, to join the
dancing multitude of Yarden’s imaginative creatures 
– green aliens, yellow
swamp-dwellers, open-eyed trees, psyched chickens 
– on a journey through
Yarden’s wonderland.

Zeev Engelmayer / Artist, illustrator and lecturer at Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

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